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Our Migration Services include

Family Migration

The family stream of Australia’s Migration program allows Australian citizens, permanent
residents and eligible New Zealand citizens to sponsor some categories of relatives
to migrate to or stay permanently in Australia

The four main categories of family migration are:

  • Partner Migration
  • Parent Migration
  • Child Migration
  • Other family migration

There are various subclasses in this visa steam and applicants may apply either in or outside of Australia

Business Migration

To be eligible for this visa you must satisfy the basic criteria set by the Australian
government. Applicants whom have secured a sponsorship by the Australian state
or territory will receive priority processing.

There are four different categories for business visa:

  • Business owner visa
  • Investor Visa
  • Senior Executive Visa
  • Established Business Visa

Graduate Skilled Visa

Graduate skilled visa is to allow eligible students who intend to apply for one of the permanent residency onshore skilled visas for overseas students to maintain lawful status in Australia during the time they need to prepare their visa application.

This visa program is only for the students who are in Australia. Students who have completed their studies, but cannot gain or pass the 120 points to become an eligible candidate for Australian permanent residency.

The students may apply for onshore skilled – Graduate visa (subclass 485). This visa enables overseas students:

  • To finish a post graduate professional year
  • Gain work experience
  • Improve their English skills

Retirement Visa

This visa is Investor Retirement Visa. If you want to spend your retirement life without any hassles and lives a good lifestyle with choice of your own. You can choose whether you want to live on beach front, worlds best know cosmopolitan cities or near mountains or in farm land and able to fulfill your dream of lifestyle you want to live. You can work part-time and reward yourself with relaxing lifestyle you want to lead in Australia.

The level of funds required is depends on your choice of state you want to live in. If your application is successful, then you will be granted a 4 year visa. After 4 years you can apply again for 4 years visa, but you must satisfy the visa requirements set by the Australian government.

Skilled Migration

Australia is currently experiencing a chronic skills shortage as well as its biggest migrant intake in its short history.

The Minister of Immigration and Citizenship has set 102500 places for skilled migrants who gain entry essentially because of their work or business skills for 2007/08.

The 2007-08 migration program provides up to 152 800 places for migration with 66 per cent of places to be filled from within in the skill stream. So if are a skilled professional and/or tradesperson there has never been a better time to make the Lucky Country your home.

Student Visa

Australian government runs a Overseas Study Program (OSP). Under this program a person who is not Australian citizen or permanent resident can apply to study in Australia. If you want to apply for this visa you must be accepted in a CRISCOS registered course offered by universities, technical colleges and other educational institutions.

A student visa will give you an opportunity to finish your studies while you are in Australia and the possibility of applying for permanent residency

Employer Sponsored Visa

There are four categories to the Employer Sponsored Visa:

  • Invest Australia Support Skills (IASS)
  • Regional Sponsored Migration Scheme (RSMS)
  • Labor Agreements (LA).

Employer Nomination Scheme (ENS)

Company Sponsored Visa

It is well known that Australia is facing the skills shortage. Employers can fulfill

Company sponsored is linked to the Temporary Long Stay Business Visa, which allows overseas

workers to work and stay in Australia for limited period of time. Company sponsored visa is also associated with Regional Employer Scheme (RMS) and Employer Nomination Scheme (ENS) visa schemes.

Working Holiday Visas

Every year more than five million tourists visit this beautiful country either for work or pleasure. If you would like to visit outback Australia and our vibrant cities you need to have valid documentation.

Temporary Business Visa entitles you

    • You can live and work in Australia for up to 4 years.
    • You must be sponsored by an Australian business.

You can apply for any permanent visa class, while you are on visa 457.

You enter Australia multiple times without any restrictions.
One of the main basic requirements for the Temporary Long Stay is that your occupation
must be on the occupations set by the Australian government.

ETA (Electronic Travel Authority)

To be eligible for this visa you must be outside of Australia and you must be the holder of an ETA eligible country passport. All applicants must meet all the criteria set by the Australian government.

There are three different types of ETA visas:

  • Short term business ETA
  • Long term business ETA
  • Visitor ETA

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